Buckeye Commentary's Blog Poll: Week Seven

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst IOctober 23, 2009

That one is No. 2

Shell game: This week, Texas jumps in front of Florida for the No. 2 spot. Honestly, I would pick Texas on a neutral field right now.

Texas and Florida are clearly part of the three-team top tier. So, why is it that both offenses have not looked right? The statistics certainly do not back that up .

Tebow sustained the king of concussions three weeks earlier and Brandon Spikes was out of the lineup, but the experts in the desert had the Gators pegged as 24-point favorites.

Meyer and Co. barely survived what would have been, in wagering terms, twice the upset Ohio State suffered.

In many ways, Texas is just as puzzling on offense. Whether it is slow starts or lots of turnovers , it does not look crisp to the naked eye.

What has not changed is Bama’s crippling dominance? Did you see Saban switch to the Wildcat in the fourth quarter to kill off South Carolina? A smart, quick, low cost solution.

I had to do it: When I watch Iowa play all I see is the other team screwing up. I just cannot see the Hawkeyes playing well, but that is clearly not the case.

I know the Big Ten stinks, but they have played a top-20 schedule and despite some close calls, they appear to be improving while sporting the top turnover-forcing defense in the country .

I couldn’t do it: I was super tempted to omit the Buckeyes from my ballot entirely. Ohio State is the single most baffling team when you consider my self-proclaimed philosophy of ranking .

It is possible to make completely opposite arguments regarding the Buckeyes ability to defeat other teams in front of them. That defense gives them the ability to beat anyone .  

Conversely, that offense prevents them from having the opportunity to beat anyone .

They get to hang around this week, but it will take some increased marksmanship for them to advance.

Is that…Oklahoma?  That's correct.

OU advanced one spot to No. 7 this week armed with a 3-3 record after their loss to Texas. I am not sure how I feel about that ranking but if you believe in Texas and Miami, then you should believe in Oklahoma.  

I don’t think they will lose again this season because of that defense. Unlike certain other teams with tremendous defenses, the Sooners have a strong offense, even without former Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford.

Buckeye Commentary's poll:


1. Alabama 7-0 1 26 v. Tennessee 2. Texas 6-0 3 56 at Missouri 3. Florida 6-0 2 46 at Mississippi State 4. USC 5-1 4 11 v. Oregon State 5. Miami 5-1 6 16 v. Clemson 6. Iowa 7-0 14 20 at Michigan State 7. Oklahoma 3-3 8 45 at (25) Kansas 8. Georgia Tech 6-1 11 7 at Virginia 9. Oregon 5-1 12 15 at Washington 10. Virginia Tech 5-2 5 2 at UNC (Oct. 29) 11. Cincinnati 6-0 10 71 v. Louisville 12. LSU 5-1 13 22 v. Auburn 13. Penn State 6-1 15 106 v. (22) Michigan 14. Houston 5-1 21 80 v. SMU 15. Texas Tech 5-2 NR 68 v. Texas A&M 16. Nebraska 4-2 9 37 v. Iowa State 17. Arkansas 3-3 18 6 at Ole Miss 18. South Carolina 5-2 19 24 at Vanderbilt 19. TCU 6-0 16 53 at BYU 20. Boise State 6-0 17 38 at Hawaii 21. Oklahoma State 5-1 23 108 at Baylor 22. Michigan 5-2 24 90 at (13) Penn State 23. Notre Dame 4-2 25 13 v. Boston College 24. Ohio State 5-2 7 35 v. Minnesota 25. Kansas 5-1 22 112 v. (7) Oklahoma