Same Olde Song: "Cal-The-Lip" Has Possible Recruiting Violations !!!

Bermuda BobAnalyst IIOctober 22, 2009

19 Nov 2001:   Head coach John Calipari of the University of Memphis talks with the media during a press conference for the Guardians Classic in Kansas City, Missouri.   DIGITAL IMAGE Mandatory Credit: Ronald Martinez/ALLSPORT

Well, well, well ... the season hasn't even begun and John Calipari's recruiting is once again under scrutiny by the NCAA !!!

Here's a link to the story:

Now, for those of you who picked up the jab @ Calipari, please allow me to explain:  I have felt terrible for the good people of Massachusetts & Memphis who bought Calipari's baloney hook-line-and-sinker ... to that end, I refer to him as "Cal-the-Lip" ... it is only intended to be offensive to HIM, and only HIM !!!

So, now that he has once again forsaken a program (Memphis) and sold his bill-of-goods to Kentucky, the NCAA has decided to take an early look @ his recruiting ... good for them - bad for Kentucky !!!

When will the message be crystal clear that this guy is trouble, with a capital "T"