Kyle Busch: Positioned For Success

John TheodoreContributor IJune 5, 2008

Kyle Busch is certainly not the most popular driver in the NASCAR garage right now. Whether he's the most talented driver is also up for debate.

What is crystal clear, however, is that Busch is fast. His team, however, might be even faster.

Take this past weekend's race at Dover as an example.

Leading up to the final pit stop, Carl Edwards clearly had the faster car. He ran Busch down from full three-seconds back. Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth's lap times also showed that their cars may have been faster than the eventual winner.

However, when they came down pit road, the Roush teams' pit crews all turned in pit stops in the 15-second bracket.

Busch's crew?

A blazing 12.7 seconds.

All the work Edwards had done on the previous run was erased on pit road.  When pit stops cycled through, Busch had his three-second lead back, and was pulling away to his inevitable win with a car set up to be quicker on short runs.

Kyle Busch took the lead away from Edwards during a pit stop under yellow as well, after Edwards looked to be the man to beat through the first half of the race. (Edwards had passed Kyle Busch earlier on the track).

What's the point of all this?

Kyle Busch wasn't the fastest driver out there this past Sunday at Dover. However, he was the driver with the team that put him in the position to win.  He's in the right place at the right time.

Much has been made of the horsepower advantage that the Toyotas have. If you were out there trying to win races, wouldn't you want to be in the car with the best engine?

Kyle Busch is.

In addition to that, how would you like to have a pit crew that can consistently get you in-and-out of the pits faster than the other guys you're racing against?

Kyle Busch does.

The bottom line is this—love him or hate him, Kyle Busch is absolutely positioned to win a lot of races this year, and definitely looks to be the strongest contender for the Sprint Cup Championship.