Battle Of The Canadians an Observation Of Chris Jericho Vs Christain

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2009





This week on Ecw we were treated to chris jericho vs christain a match we had not seen in six years. I was not able to watch this match but i read about it and thought that the seeds have been planted. This is the wwe's way of teasing an edge return.

What surprised me was the fact that captain charisma won the match. The fact that Christan beat one of the top heels in the company gives me hope that he will have a future world title run.

Christain beating Jericho shows that the wwe has some plans for him in the future.

Also him beating Chris Jericho also give the entire ecw locker room a push in a way. It pushes christian some and now that gives Christan the opportunity to push the ecw superstars more.

I believe that edge will be returning sooner rather then later and i wouldn't mind seeing a fued between Christan and Jericho while we wait for this fued to take place.

I am now almost certain that we are in for an edge and christain reunion. And they will become the unified tag team champions.