Celtics / Cavs Rivalry Heats Up

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Celtics /  Cavs Rivalry Heats Up
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I'll tell ya the one thing I am extremely glad I missed on this night was having to see James play (I was at class). Write that off as one less game I will have to watch of him in my lifetime. Anyway- with that being said, I missed the get together Mo and Shelden had. I didn't get to see it live. I did, however, see it on the post game show.

I don't care who instigated it, that is the fire I want out of Shelden. He has been extremely reserved since becoming a Celtic. He has been really quiet and has shown little emotion. What I want out of a deep bench guy like him is some scrapiness. He showed a little bit of that tonight. I hope for his sake and the rest of the teams sake this is only a sign of things to come and he can become a little more aggressive on the court.

Little things like this aren't a big deal to me. Atleast, I mean they dont project that the team is a bunch of looney toons who just want to pick fights. I think it is a good thing for a team like the Celtics to get into these situations once and a while. I am not  condoning NBA fights, but, it definitly brings the team together. They all show that they have each others back. Plus I think it gives the team extra incentive (as if they need any) to dominate the team they are playing.

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