Dedicated To Dale Jr.

Dottie travisCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2009

I have been a junior fan for ages now i started with his dad,and took him into my heart after ("He") lost his father. I assure you People have different ways of handling grief but in my estimation (and i studied physcology in high school) I Dont think Junior has really handled his grief in fact i think his dads death Haunts him 8 years later. you could see it a year ago when he won that race in Michigan On Fathers day "Remember?" He immediately Got out of his car and looked around and you know who he was looking for that familiar face, that hug around the neck that just slightly cuts off the circulation, he was looking for his daddy. Mr. Hendrick was there and he did his interviews but even then you could see the hurt in his eyes., He longed for his daddy he was so lonesome i felt bad for him holding back the urge to reach threw the tv. and hug him tightly let him know the pain will ease. someone needs to teach Junior its okay to cry assure him the pain will ease and his father is ("ALWAYS") with him. Until he sees him again