Top 5 WWE Highflyers

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Top 5 WWE Highflyers

Soaring through the air, is a prefered style of wrestiling. Many wrestlers commonly have High Flying in there Arsenal. The High Flying is entretaing, puts fans on there feet and gasp in amazemant.

A perfect example of this is, when Jeff Hardy signals a Swantom Bomb. Everybody in the arena rises to there feet, and watches as Jeff completes an outstanding move.

High Flying gives wrestling the edge, it completes it into action. High Flyers have been around for many decades, and many to come. Some greats like Chris Jericho and Ricky Steamboat left fans draw dropping.

Today I focus on who can excecute these moves into perfection, like Eddie Gurrero he perfected the Frog Splash. Leaping is defastating for some, others suck it up and leap. Five of millions High will make it to the list of The Top Five High Flyers of all time!

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