Top 10 NBA WAGS To Watch For Before The Opening Tip

Sven KlemencicCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2009

Top 10 NBA WAGS To Watch For Before The Opening Tip

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    Howdy, friends. Sven Klemencic here. I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya.

    But I wanted to let you all in on some good news. It looks like those refs are not going on strike.

    The NBA is back in business!

    You know what that means, right? That means NBA players are going to keep getting paid. And that means they're going to keep looking really datable in the eyes of a lot of really attractive women.

    And that means another season of new hot wives and girlfriends for the players in America's second- (or maybe third-) favorite pastime.

    Let's check the top 10 WAGS to watch out for heading into the year's opening jump ball.

No. 10: Keyshia Cole

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    I saw someone doing something kind of like what Daniel Gibson's girlfriend Keyshia Cole is doing in this picture in an alley earlier today.

    But they looked a lot less pleasant doing it.

No. 9: Brandi Garnett

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    The only thing not going well in Brandi's marriage to Kevin "Ribs" Garnett is that he's skinnier than she is.

    Any guy who's dated a bigger girl can smell what Sven Klemencic is cookin'.

No. 8: LaLa Vasquez

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    Something tells me Carmelo Anthony will be an even better ball handler this year with La La Vasquez as his girlfriend.

No. 7: Vanessa Bryant

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    From this shot of Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa, we can really tell who Stone-Cold-Stuns whom in their relationship.

No. 6: Tamia Hill

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    The Japanese are absolutely crazy about Grant Hill's sexy wife Tamia Hill.

    But they're also crazy about the game Kancho, where you make a gun out of your fingers and try and ram it up your friends' butts when they're not looking.

    So who can really trust them?

No. 5: Erin Barry

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    As a tasteful woman and a terrific mom, Erin Barry, Brent Barry's wife, belongs nowhere near this depraved slide-show business.

    Somewhere, Jon Barry is sad to hear Erin Barry isn't his wife.

No. 4: Hope Dworaczyk

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    Hope Dworaczyk is Jason Kidd's girlfriend.

    However, I have good news: She will only marry him if he figures out how to spell her last name.

No. 3: Aleka Kamila

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    I heard the Serbian national anthem was modified to include Peja Stojakovic bagging Aleka Kamila as a point of national pride.

    I read that somewhere.

No. 2: Eva Longoria Parker

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    I bring a cooler of Heineken to every San Antonio Spurs game I go to (and I go to a handful per year). It's not that I like Heineken—that stuff tastes like Dutch garbage.

    It's just in case Tony Parker's wife Eva Longoria Parker is sitting next to me.

No. 1: Adriana Lima

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    Marko Jaric and wife Adriana Lima are expecting a child.

    So drink deeply from the cup of Adriana Lima pictures while you still can, my friends!