Where Did All Of Our Draft Picks Go?

Jeff MorseContributor IOctober 21, 2009

The San Diego Charger's nearly without exception have decided to live by building their team through the draft.  The only truly notable acquisition in recent memory is Chris Chambers, a veteran receiver when the team needed a proven vet to be a go to possession receiver.


 Let us take a walk through the backcountry that is the draft for the past five years. I will concentrate on the tall trees and the underbrush. Going back only five years, here is how the cord of wood stacks up.


 2005 - One good draft with Merriman, once the beast of line backing core, now the Twittering, sexually active playa, which has no sacks (unless we are counting reality TV wanna-be’s). Castillo has been solid, yet often hurt and now mostly pushed around the grassy knoll. Vincent Jackson has developed into a great receiver with big play capability, Sproles, as Josh Lewin calls him "The Lightening Bug" is exciting to place in the mix, by the way Norv; he is not Larry Johnson, when you need a goal line yard. Darren has also had his share of injuries. Wesley Britt is gonzo, Wes Sims is Zippo and exited. Scott Mruczkowski, who is starting due to injuries, is doing his best, but he is not a great lineman, as a 7th rounder, he was a solid draft choice.


 2006 – Took a chance on Cromartie, who became a one-year super star, then switched into the big tackling whiff guy. Cro has become a liability on the edge. Marcus McNeill, great rookie year, has been pretty solid, Third string QB, Whitehurst taken in round three, has never suited for a single game. Dobbins has improved, yet he is no dominant force at LB. Clary, of late has been a turnstile for the opposing defender. It reminds me of the phrase I hear myself saying, "Run Phillip, Run”.  The other choices Smith, Page and Martin play never made the team.


 2007 – Top pick first rounder Buster Davis, has a perfect first name, go ahead and just drop the er, Anthony Gonzales was taken two spots later by Indy. Then in round two, Steve Smith out of SC went to NYG, and Sidney Rice to MINN was also taken in round two. Eric Weddle taken in round two has yet to develop into anything close to his AJ Smith hype or his first round draft choice expense. Round three and four were the choices of Walters and Chandler are also gonzo. Legedu Naanee is a steal in the 5th round, and under utilized for his abilities to catch and run with the ball. Brandon Siler is a special teams guy taken in the 7th.


2008 - First rounder Antoine Cason has yet to consistently impress, great speed not a big hitter, out of position too much. In round two A.J. gave up four draft choices to move up 25 spots to get Eric Weddle, that was Weddle, not Ronnie Lott.  Jacob Hester is a nice blocker, with no speed, one good game last year against the Broncos, after the Donkeys had given up playing in the last game of the year. With Hester the Chargers traded a 2008 fifth-round and a 2009 second-round pick to the New England Patriots to move up and nab Hester. Draftees Thomas and Tribble also gonzo. Corey Clark was not even on the team until we put Buster Davis on the IR


2009 - First rounder, Larry English, the project, has ten tackles and two sacks. He is superposed to be the next Merriman, lets hope he is the Merriman of old not the Merriman of now.  Second round pick to the Pats, from the Hester deal. Third round we picked OL Louis Vasquez a beast of a man from Texas Tech, when he has not been battling injuries, has played adequately for a rook. Now here come the great picks, Vaughn Martin from Canada using spot113, as the science experiment. Frankenstein and King Kong strength we heard out of headquarters, great upside.  After seeing him pushed ten yards into the end zone in Oakland, he looked more like the bride of Frankenstein. He is now in the witness protection program hiding somewhere in Commission Valley. We also received two compensatory fourth round picks for losing Turner, which we wasted on Tyronne who is now Bye-ronne Green and then someone who looked great in the backfield known as "The Prediator" from CSU, Gartrell Johnson, who we waived and is now elsewhere, Round five, sounds like we should be drinking, not talking draft choices. Any Guesses on who that is, right you don't know. It's Brandon Hughes from Oregon State. Never made it out of the starting blocks, landed on the IR. I believe that the IR is for instant reject not injured reserve.  In case you saw that we placed Applewhite on the IR and signed Hughes, that is Dante Hughes, who had been let go by Indy. Round Six we took a flyer on the oft-injured Kevin Ellison out of USC, he might actually be a huge find in this late round. He played pretty well against Denver this past weekend.  Then to place the cherry on top, on this five-year review, we chose Demetrius Byrd, another wide out from LSU, oh but wait, he was in a coma. Sorry folks, even I can't make that one up. He had been in a serious car accident, and A.J wanted his family to have the gift of his being drafted, he may never play.


In conclusion, the round by round speaks for itself.  A.J. is no Butler; I think he is cheap, arrogant and stubborn. He takes chances, that have not worked, almost without exception.


In a quick recap of current management team, Norv Turner is perfect for Smith, as a head nodding, emotionless, minion.  Norv thinks taking a chance, is running the green light.  He must know the easy way to get his panty hose on before game time. I for one am sick and tired of my coach having ice cubes instead gonads. The Bolts now have to go 9-2 in the final 11 games and hope the Donkeys stubble to go 5-5 and then lose to the right teams, for the Chargers to win the Western division.


Who would you rather lead this team going forward, someone with the fire of say "Billy the Kid" or the "Shakiest gun in the west", old Barney "Norv Turner" Fife? Come on Bolts, now is no time to get shaky, come out with all guns blasting!