Would Randy Orton Ever Work As a Face Again? Why I Think He Could.

Patrick SchoemehlContributor IOctober 21, 2009

This past Monday on Raw we all saw that we are on the break of a legacy explosion. There has been much going around that DiBiase would turn face around the time his new movie the marine 2 comes out.  that is a good idea but i was wondering if they could ever make Randy Orton a face again and many people say it is not possible but i think it is and i will explain my reasoning in this article.

The way that they could have Randy Orton turn face would be to have him do anti americn things that the fans know is wrong but they cheer for him anyway.  They did this back in the day with Stone Cold so i doubt that will happen but that is the way i think they would go if they went for it and you never know it might just work with Stone Cold working behind the sences now.

I know some people have many opnions about this and so do i.  I love Randy Orton as a heel he gets great heat with some of the fans (i have herd fans punching him at house shows) but anyway if someone did that to me i would sock them in the jaw.  Personlly from a friend stand point of Randy Orton i know he would never put his job at risk and he is a very nice person after you really get to know him like i have. (just about everytime we can our family hangs out together) Read my bio my family knows his dad's side. Also he lives a block away from me.

Anyway i would just like to see a face turn on WWE TV.  I hope this happens for only bout a month and then he can go back to that heel Randy Orton that is so awesome.  I just want to see how the fans react to this.

Thanks for reading let me know what you think.