Australia Vs Australia And Australia Vs India

Vishrut AggarwalCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2009

Its the Aussies vs the Aussies! Isn't that wierd? Yes it is. I thought it was the Aussies vs the Indians. But before that it is the Aussies vs the Aussies.

The New South Wales Blues will play against the Victoria Bushrangers today in the Semi Final of the Champions League. Last time these two Australian clubs played against each other was in the Pura Cup Final.

It will be like two siblings playing against each other. On one hand Brett Lee will bowl his pace, and on the other hand he will encourage Cameron White to play good strokes and prepare himself for the upcoming ODI series against India. One one hand John Holland will be trying to make the best with his spin, and on the other hand he will be teaching Nathan Hauritz about spin bowling.  

A far as India is concerned, all the the Indian teams are out of the Champions League. So the players will be practicing with their teammates and will be focussing on how to tackle the Aussies.

But the Champions League will be a good warm up session for the Aussies, and a good practice session for the Indians. The Indian players can work on their strategies, and the Aussies can work on their strategies.

So who will win against whome is the question.

Only one of the Australian team will advance to the finals. It will be better if it is the Victoria Bushrangers because it has three Aussies who will also be playing against India. They will be the key players in both the series, and will be looking to put in their best of efforts. So they will have more practice if they advance to the finals. But we cannot forget the the spin of Nathan Hauritz, the pace of Doug Bollinger and the fiery pace of Brett Lee. So both teams will have key players, will be producing their bests today, and will also look to produce better against India.   

But the main piont is "rest". Will the players playing today and in the finals get any rest before playing against India. They might if they are dropped for the first ODI but what if they are not. This will not be club cricket, and they might have to change their strategies completely. But they will not have time to think if they don't get rest. They need two days to relax and think, but they will only have one. So what will be the decision of the skipper Ricky Ponting?

I think it would be better if he drops them and plays others in the first ODI. The players will get time to think and the skipper will get a chance to experiment his players.

But which players are to be relaxed will be decided today.

Both the Victoria Bushrangers and the New South Wales Blues will be competing against each other and nobody knows who will win. Both teams are the top teams in their country, and both have got good players. Brett Lee may destroy the batting of the Bushrangers and Cameron White may flatten the bowling attack. White can smash Lee all over the ground or Lee can get whites wicket early.

Against India in form Sehwag will be opening with Sachin Tendulkar and will be looking to smash all over the ground. Brett Lee will also be looking to get quick wickets. ricky ponting will be looking to hit another ton, and exceed Sanath Jayasuriya's tons. Ishant Sharma will be looking to regain his form,and trouble the Aussies with his pace.

So one of the match has already started, and all of us will be looking forward to the other one. So don't waste time and switch on your televisions, and don't miss a moment, because a team can win and a team can lose in a moment.