What Would I Like to See Georgia Do For The Rest of The Season

martin pyrzContributor IOctober 21, 2009

ATHENS, GA - SEPTEMBER 12:  Hairy, the mascot of the Georgia Bulldogs, approaches UGA VII before facing the South Carolina Gamecocks at Sanford Stadium on September 12, 2009 in Athens, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Writing this article is going to make people think that I have two personalities.  But they are not personalities.  The viewpoints that I am going to write from are my mind and my heart.  They have two conflicting views on how I would want this season to play itself out for my beloved Bulldogs.

I hope UGA finishes out the season including the bowl game 6-0.  A victory would be really nice over the two teams I hate the most which are Florida and Georgia Tech.  It would possibly put us in a New Year's Day bowl again.  I believe we have the talent overall to accomplish 10 wins.  I think that Joe Cox would go down as a beloved Dawg if he lead UGA to a victory over Florida.  With the schedule we played this year, finishing that strong would be a vindication of sorts for Joe Cox and the rest of the Bulldogs.  It would also be a record the Bulldog Nation could live with.  I think 9-4 might be acceptable too if it included a victory over GT or UF. 

But my mind has a completely different view, I think we need a coaching change.  Not Richt but on the staff, mainly Martinez.  I know that the fallout wouldn't be pretty initially, noting that some of our recruits will change their mind and go elsewhere, but our defense has gotten progressively worse since 2004.  We also need to tweak our special teams coach as well because what ever strategy he comes up with is flawed at times.  I will concede our special teams have been better this year than last year.  I see us somewhere in the 5-7 win category this season and that would be enough to prompt some internal changes to the coaching staff.  The really bad thing about this view point is that it could hurt recruiting some and it would also make the off season miserable to bear as I can't stand all of these fair weather Tech fans who think they are the elite state program and the other voices stating that we are a mediocre SEC team.  Richt has done a lot to change the expectations at UGA, he's gone 86-25 since he's been here.  Dooley didn't even do that. 

In conclusion, I want what's best for the Bulldog Nation in general.  I think we are a team capable of competing for National Titles but we need to do a little tweaking with our coaching staff and our players playing the position that will make us the most successful.  Go Dawgs and I welcome your comments.