News Regarding Team Smackdown For Bragging Rights (**Spoiler Inside**)

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News Regarding Team Smackdown For Bragging Rights (**Spoiler Inside**)

I am a member of the group Wrestling Radio on Facebook and I saw on my news feed that there status said that they had changed the team Smackdown for Bragging Rights.  Once I read that I had to click on it to see what the deal was so I did.

So Team Smackdown did have Chris Jericho, Kane, Cryme Tyme, Eric Escobar, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler.  That was a decent team; the only person that I feel did not belong as a part of the team is Escobar.  That's just my opinion!

So the Team Smackdown now looks like this, Chris Jericho, Kane, Matt Hardy, Finlay, R-Truth and the Hart Dynasty.  I feel that Matt Hardy should have been on the team all along, but I do have mixed reactions about putting Finlay and Truth on the team after they have been dead the past month or so.

Also, I really don't care about the Hart Dynasty. Again, that's just my opinion.

I do not know why this major change took place but I do not feel the change was right, because McIntyre should have been getting a push and this would have given him that chance, but they take him out, so I really don't get it!

I am sure they will make some sort of a announcement on Friday night Smackdown i just liked how they had this match building up on Raw and now this Smackdown Team change could change a lot of that.

Please read and let me know what you think.


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