Five Improvements For Madden 09

Brad S.Correspondent IJune 5, 2008

There are a few problems that I had with the game in 08 that I hope they fixed in 09

1.Over-inflated Stats in Franchise mode        

I have a problem with this big time. Why is it that half the running backs in the league run for 2000 yards per season? I once had a season where Rudi Johnson ran for 1700 yards and he was 18th in the league in rushing!

Also, why the hell does almost every starting QB throw for over 30 TDs and under 15 INTs with about 3500 yards passing. I hope the numbers become more realistic in Madden 09.

2.The weather has no effect on the passing game

Why does the wind only have an effect on the kicking game? Look, we all saw games last year where a QB struggled because of the wind and cold. Yet in Madden, when the weather gets below 20 and the wind is blowing 15+ mph, you can still throw for 350 yards and 4 TDs.

3.Kicking a field goal is way too easy

I know you don't want to make it too tough to kick a field goal but what the hell? It's so boring at the end of a game when someone is kicking a 50 yarder with the game tied because you know they are going to make it. I don't think I've missed once inside 45 yards in all my years of playing Madden.

4.Only 2 defenders can make a tackle at one time 

Whenever a defender locks on to you there is the bowling ball effect where either anyone who gets to close to the pile falls down or anyone the pile gets close to starts to run away. So if the offense breaks a tackle the D is screwed, because where there were three or four defenders before, there is no one left now.

5.Jet Pack Catches

It's so annoying when I'm playing against the Patriots and Randy Moss suddenly jumps ten feet into the air to make the catch. Don't they realize that players can't jump that high? That is defiantly something that needs to be toned down.


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