Michigan State Football: Empty Student Seats Are Disrespectful

Kyle FeldscherContributor IOctober 20, 2009


There are 15,000 seats in the Michigan State football student section, but Saturday’s game against Northwestern might be evidence that number is too many.

Having been at the game sitting in the lower bowl directly under the upper deck, I can’t personally vouch for having seen this, but the upper deck of the student section was reportedly fairly empty. Considering the team had won two straight games and the alumni had managed to drag themselves into the stadium by kickoff, it’s an embarrassing showing from MSU students.

It’s a really depressing thought that so many students can’t be bothered to even show up for a noon game. Yes, it’s less than ideal to have a game that kicks off right as tailgating gets truly rolling, but pull yourselves away from the bean dip and get in the stands.

Allegedly, part of the problem was people deciding to go home for the weekend because “Northwestern isn’t that important of a game.” Anyone who did this, without selling their ticket or giving it away to someone who could go, should be kicked out of the university and hung by their underwear from Sparty’s spear.

Another excuse that’s been thrown around is that Central Michigan and Western Michigan were playing in Kalamazoo, so people decided to leave to party there for the weekend. This is probably one of the worst things I’ve ever heard.

The Chippewas are a good team, but leaving East Lansing for that MAC-level tailgating is the equivalent of taking a fat girl home from the baryeah, it sounds good when you’re drunk, but when you wake up the next morning you’re going to be searching for your dignity.

There really are no excuses. The least any ticket-holding Spartan fan can do is show up and cheer the team on. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like as a player looking for motivation as the game begins and seeing their “Spartan army” not even filling their allotted seats.

The alternative is, of course, letting the seats go to the general public and alumni. Filling those seats with non-students would probably create the same amount of noise as empty seats, but at least they’d be full of grateful people.

It was a big deal when the student section was expanded, a sign of hope for a growing program. Leaving your seat empty is a sign of disrespect to the team, head coach Mark Dantonio and the athletic department.

With the giant night game against Iowa looming on Saturday, the student section should be totally full an hour before the game starts. As Vince Vaughn said in Wedding Crashers, “RULE 76: NO EXCUSES PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION!”

Photo courtesy: Detroit Free Press