I Hate the Chicago Cubs

Fred DillonContributor IJune 5, 2008

What a sigh of relief last night when I caught the late SportsCenter and saw that the Cubs streak had finally come to an end. By the Padres no less, and even better, Greg Maddox shut them down.

It's just all bad news for me this year. Being a Reds fan I have grown to despise the northsiders. Even when we went on a seven-game win streak we could not gain ground on the Cubs. 

Don't get me wrong, I will agree that the Cubs are good this year and that they have one of the best managers in baseball, sweet Lou (thank you for the championship in '90). When will it end though? 

They sure as hell will not win the World Series. Tampa Bay already has that on lock (funny, but possible).

Kerry Wood, the once overrated starting pitcher for the Cubs has turned into a good closer. For the love of god, go back to the DL where you came from. The Cubs are also not tied down to Mark Prior; he is the Padres' problem now.

Looks like the Cubs' season will end in a disappointing playoff loss. I hope Bartman strikes back and finds a way to ruin a game this time and not get blamed for it. 

Damn stubborn Cubs fans. The guy looks like an idiot, give him a break. It wasn't his fault, he did the same thing every single one of you would have done in his position.

I hope you are playing in the World Series (Game Seven preferably) and Derek Lee hits an apparent walk-off home run when the ball hits a bird in mid-flight, only to fall into the glove of the opposing right fielder, well short of the warning track, causing you to lose the World Series. 

As much as I despise the White Sox, I hope it is against them.

Thus continuing the Cubs' curse for the 101st year.