Racism in Baseball? Are You Joking?!

Justin G.Correspondent IJune 5, 2008

I have been reading articles on how Willie Randolph is in hot water and how Jay Bruce is getting more talk than Griffey Jr.

I mean, are you joking me? The Mets were awful, but now the Mets have been on a roll so that's why the Mets did not fire him. People say they we're out to get Randolph because he's African-American, and not because he took a GREAT team and made them worse. He gave them the results they wanted, so they are keeping them.

Another coaching situation is in Cincinnati with Dusty Baker, but their situation is different because they were awful before.

Now, as for the situation with Bruce and Griffey Jr.

Bruce has come up with just so much power and smart play that of course he is going to get more talk than Griffey, because he will put up numbers that will parallel the greats. When Griffey hits 600, then they will talk.

People also say that there is not enough minorities in baseball. That is bogus too; there are a major source of Japanese players coming over to play, and there are plenty of African-Americans in the minors who will be great players. Latin players and Mexican players are also in a good situation.

If anyone is in the minority in baseball it is the caucasians. There are hardly any on any teams. Another sport where this kind of talk is heard is basketball. Just parallel the two together.

Now that you are done reading, I just want to say these are not specifically my issues, they are thoughts I had.