ECW: The Land Of Extreme (Episode 3)

Juan Correspondent IOctober 19, 2009

Faces: Christian, Shelton Benjamin, Tommy Dreamer, The Hurricane, Goldust and Tyler Reks
Heels: William Regal(C), Zack Ryder, Vladimir Kozlov, Ezekiel Jackson, Sheamus, Paul Burchill, DJ Gabriel, Yoshi Tatsu
Others: Abraham Washington (GM), Tony Atlas, Lauren Mayhew, Matt Striker, Josh Matthews, Courtney Taylor.
Stables: The Ruthless Roundtable (Regal, Kozlov, Jackson, Sheamus, Burchill, Gabriel and Tatsu)
ECW Champion: William Regal
Matt: Hello and welcome as always to ECW: The Land of Extreme.
Josh: What a night we have for you. Last week, it was announced that Zack Ryder would face either Kozlov or Jackson, and if he won, he would get a title match against Regal.
Matt: Also, Christian envokes his rematch clause tonight, but if he loses, he will have to leave ECW. And here he comes, The Hot Shot from Long Island, Zack Ryder.
Ryder makes his way to the ring waiting in anticipation to see who his foe is tonight.
Matt: The Moscow Mauler? Or Big Zeke?
Ezekiel Jackson comes out by himself to his music.
Josh: Big Zeke it is!
(Zack Ryder vs. Ezekiel Jackson)
Ryder goes at him as soon as the bell rings. He puts him in a headlock. Jackson carries him into a fireman's carry and does a backward slam. He takes Ryder and irish whips him but Ryder performs a swinging neckbreaker while coming back. He goes onto the top rope. As Zeke gets up, he performs a missile dropkick, but there's no one home as Zeke moves out of the way just in time. The crowd is behind Ryder the whole way through. Zeke picks him up and performs multiple backbreakers. He pins him but Ryder kicks out and gets up. He runs towards Zeke and performs a shoulder block but Zeke is still standing. He punches him again and again. He then—to the surprise of everyone—does an inverted suplex on Zeke. He performs a triangle choke but Zeke breaks out. Zeke goes for the powerbomb on Ryder but Ryder counters it. Ryder then performs a leaping leg lariat. Zeke gets up and counters a punch into a bear hug. Ryder hangs on, so Zeke gives up and tries something different. He chokeslams Ryder. Pin., as Ryder gets the ropes. He then runs towards Zeke and performs a diving crossbody. Ryder waits as Zeke gets up. He then runs towards him from behind and does a one-handed bulldog, but Zeke pushes him as Ryder is in the air, and Ryder falls on his bottom as Zeke stands across the ring from him. Ryder gets up very quickly, runs at Zeke and performs a Lou Thesz Press. He pins him. 1...2...NO as Zeke kicks out. Zeke is completely angry, no longer wanting to have fun, but to just end this quick. He lands a huge punch on Ryder. He—probably for the first time in his life—gets on the top rope. It takes him a while to get up and balance himself. He jumps. Ryder counters it by hitting a dropkick in mid-air. Ryder is pretty impressive tonight. Zeke gets up fast though. He performs a clothesline on Ryder. He carries Ryder into a bearhug again. But before he can apply some pressure, Ryder counters it into a DDT. Pin. 1...2...3? Nope! Zeke kicks out. Zeke irish whips Ryder and performs a big boot to his face. Ryder is on the floor. Zeke takes a moment's rest. But hjis next move, whatever it was, is countered into a pin by Ryder. 1—2—3! The whole crowd, the announcers and Big Zeke himself is surprised.
Ryder wins by pinfall. It was a lucky win. A fluke. Ryder quickly exits out of the arena before he can be punished by Zeke. But he doesn't stop himself from shouting, WOO! WOO! WOO!
Josh: Wow, that may have one of the biggest wins in Ryder's career.
Matt: He is certainly lucky to have made it out of there alive. I bet Regal isn't too happy about this.
Josh: Coming up next, we have some tag team action...Commercial Break!
Back to the show.
Lauren Mayhew: This tag team match is set for one fall where both the members of the winning team will qualify into the King of the Ring Tournament this Sunday at Bragging Rights.
(Paul Burchill and DJ Gabriel vs. Tyler Reks and Shelton Benjamin)
Paul Burchill and DJ Gabriel are in the ring. Tyler Reks comes out. He is then followed by Shelton Benjamin who receives a huge pop.
Tyler Reks starts out with Paul Burchill. Reks starts off by kicking Paul in the guts. He then puts him in a side headlock. Paul carries Reks and slams his back on the mat. He puts Reks in a chinlock. This goes on for a while. Finally Reks breaks free by getting the ropes. Reks runs towards Paul and does a lariat. Reks still keeps running though and Paul gets by the time Reks bounces off the ropes. Reks than does a one-handed bulldog on his way back. Reks carries Paul, and is about to do a vertical suplex. But Paul kicks out of it. He bounces off the ropes and as he comes back, performs a splash on Reks. He then carries him into a fireman's carry. At the same time he tags in DJ Gabriel. DJ gets to the top rope and performs a diving neckbreaker on Reks from Paul's shoulders. Then Paul goes and stands on the apron while DJ is in the ring. He goes for the pin, but Reks kicks out. Reks tries to get to The Hurricane but DJ stops him. He stomps him on his body. He picks Reks up. Reks uses this opportunity. He chops Gabriel. He then bounces of the ropes and as he comes back, performs a spinning heel kick. As DJ is on the floor, he tags in Shelton. He comes in which results in a pop from the crowd. He is about to do the Military Press Gutbuster, but DJ counters it. DJ then does a backbreaker on Shelton. He then does a fist drop. Another fist drop. Pin. 1...2...Nope. He taunts. He then picks up Shelton. He puts him in a side headlock. Shelton tries to inch himself to Reks while in the headlock. He kicks DJ. Again. DJ loosens his hold. Shelton kicks him one more time and DJ frees Shelton. Shelton irish whips DJ and DJ comes out to a  kitchen sink. Pin. 1...2...Nope! Both men are up again and before Shelton can attack, DJ pulls out a dropkick. He runs back, bounces off the ropes and as Shelton gets up, he performs the spinning heel kick, but Shelton ducks and as DJ turns around, he gets Paydirt. 1—2—3!
Shelton Benjamin and Tyler Reks win by pinfall (Shelton pins DJ Gabriel)-Both are part of the King of The Ring Tournament this Sunday
They leave together, raising their arms in victory on the stage.
(Backstage Segment)
Courtney Taylor is backstage with William Regal.
Courtney Taylor: Mr. Regal, what are your thoughts heading into your match with Christian next, and what do you think about Zack Ryder getting a shot at your title?
Regal: Well there's really nothing much to think about my match tonight. I'll just beat him again and finally get rid of him from ECW. There's no doubt that I will win. As for Ryder, he was lucky tonight by being able to beat one of my boys. But his luck will soon run out when he faces me.
Regal walks away with Kozlov and Sheamus accompanying him.
(Christian vs. Regal for the ECW Championship)
Commercial Break. As we come back William Regal and Christian both make their respected entrances. They stand right in front of each other. As soon as the bell rings, Christian slaps Regal and smiles. He slaps him again. Regal is furious. Christian bounces off the ropes behind him and hits a clothesline. As Regal gets up, he irish whips him but Regal counters it into another irish whip. Regal hits him with the forearm smash. He wipes his mouth. Boos are heard from everywhere. He picks up Christian. He half drags him to the turnbuckle and smashes Christian's face to it. He does it again. Suddenly Christian breaks out of Regal's clutches and smashes Regal's face to the turnbuckle again and again and again. Another slap. He then does a chickenwing and keeps him in that position for about 3 seconds and then pushes him forward. Christian bounces off the ropes again, and as Regal turns around, he comes to a kitchen sink. A fist drop on Regal. Slowly Regal gets up as Christian once again bounces off the ropes. But before he can do anything, Regal hits him with a dropkick. Regal quickly applies the Regal stretch but Christian kicks out of it. A toekick to Regal. And then a swining neckbreaker. He pins Regal. 1...2...Regal kicks out. He picks up Regal, but Regal puts him in a side headlock. Christian tries to escape, and carries Regal up and hits him with a backbreaker. A pin. 1—2—Regal kicks out. Regal gets up and hits Christian in the guts. He bounces off the ropes and attacks Christian with a lariat. He then gets on top of Christian and keeps pounding his head. He then waits, and as Christian gets up, he hits the knee trembler. Pin. 1...2...3? No Christian grabs the ropes. Regal picks him up and does the Regal-plex. Both are on the floor. The referee starts to count. 1——2——3——4——5——6——7——no one is moving. Kozlov shakes Regal and sort of helps him get up. Christian is on the floor. He goes for the pin. 1...Suddenly Shelton Benjamin comes running out to a huge pop and gets in the ring just as Kozlov and Sheamus get in the ring. A brawl takes place and The match ends in a no contest. Kozlov and Sheamus beat up Shelton. Regal grabs his belt furious at what happened. He is about to beat Shelton, but Tommy Dreamer comes out with Goldust. They both fend them off and helps Shelton, but Regal hits Dreamer with the belt and puts him down. They then gang up on Goldust. Yoshi Tatsu, DJ Gabriel and Paul Burchill come out to help. But from behind, The Hurricane and Tyler Reks come out with chairs and attack them. They then go into the ring and tries to attack them but all the Roundtable members get out. Shelton Benjamin is on the floor in pain looking at them outside. So is Tommy Dreamer who soon gets up with the help of Goldust. Hurricane and Tyler Reks are asking Regal if he wants to get in. Christian is helped onto a stretcher by the referees while he is clutching his abdomens..
In the arena, Regal is in front of all his group members, all angry, and he raises up his ECW Championship belt telling everyone that he is still the champion!
Quick Overrun:
  • Zack Ryder b. Ezekiel Jackson to get a shot at the title again at Bragging Rights.
  • Shelton Benjamin and Tyler Reks b. Paul Burchill and DJ Gabriel. Both of them earn a spot in the King of The Ring Tournament at Bragging Rights.  
  • Christian vs. William Regal ends in a no contest as it turns into a brawl.
Next Week on ECW:
  • The Aftermath of Bragging Rights: Will Zack Ryder be champion? Will Shelton Benjamin or Tyler Reks become King of The Ring?