There's a Reason Why We Are Called "The 12th Man"

Bridget LeeContributor IOctober 19, 2009

I am sick and tired of the complaining that Jacksonville sucks. Look, not all years are going to be good years, I get that, but come on. Does it have to be a constant put down? I don't see any reason why we struggle to sell tickets. How hard is it to go and enjoy a day out with your family/friends, watch an NFL game and have fun? Most people sacrifice for all sorts of things, like a new car, but some people don't have an NFL team in their city. The Jaguars are selling flex packs for the rest of the season.

I am a proud season ticket holder, stay till the game clock reads zero, and have a smile on my face when leaving. (win or loose) In fact, after one game when we lost, a police officer said to me "thank you for the smile," that made me feel good. I'm not saying that I'm always happy with the way we play, but if we start saying "We're gonna win!!!" instead of "We're gonna get our A** beat" then chances are you will see a lot more wins. 

Think about it, whatever you put out there is what your are gonna get, so start putting out POSITIVE thoughts for our Jaguars!!! The radio "gurus" are just as bad, way to put the positive waves out for our guys. Thanks fellas!