Monday Night Raw Look Ahead: What Is Gonna Go Down With Legacy Tonight?

RKO KidContributor IOctober 19, 2009

Going into this Monday Night Raw a lot of people out there are wondering what will go down with Legacy. In case you don't remember let me bring you up to speed. It went like this...

In a interview backstage on Raw with Legacy, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase found out they would be competing in a Triple Threat match for a spot at Bragging Rights in that 14 man tag team match.

For most of the match Legacy's strategy was to take out and double team John Cena, the third man in the Triple Threat. It was a good plan except it had one issue. Only one could actually win. Despite that Ted and Cody were working as a team against Cena only one of the two could move on to Bragging Rights.

Nearing the end of the match Cena had turned it around. He fought back and locked in the STF on Ted DiBiase of Legacy. It had looked like Cena might be able to pick up the win and go the Bragging Rights until Legacy's leader Randy Orton distracted Cena. DiBiase thus got rid of Cena and that left him standing in the ring. Out of nowhere, Ted's partner and fellow Legacy member, Cody Rhodes sneaked in the ring and got the 1, 2, 3 pin on Ted DiBiase. This earned him a spot at Bragging Rights, but it also earned him some doubt and an angry attitude from Ted.

Ted was going off at Cody Rhodes in the ring. Randy got in there to try and cool things down. It obviously didn't help as DiBiase and Rhodes kept at it until you had our lovely guest host come on the screen. She said that it was obvious that the two weren't exactly getting along. So later in the night they would face of against two other superstars that aren't getting along, John Cena and Randy Orton. All four men were shocked and wondering how the hell this is gonna go down.

Backstage there was a segment with Legacy that had Ted and Cody continue to fight. Orton interrupted and told them the plan for the night. He said that he would stay away from the tag so they can make it a two on one handicap match against Cena. He asked them if they understood. Rhodes hesitated. DiBiase pointed out that Rhodes was thinking about pinning Orton. Rhodes retaliated saying that it was Ted who wants to pin Randy to redeem himself. Orton told both of them that if either was even considering that they should think again.

In the main event Legacy's plan to single out Cena was working perfectly until Orton looked down for a moment and John Cena countered tagging him in. Orton was being forced to wrestle his Legacy members. He wrestled for a while and then tagged Cena back in. Cena kept at it in the ring until Orton tagged himself in right before Cena was gonna hit the Attitude Adjustment on DiBiase. Orton saved DiBiase and attacked Cena. While Orton was pounding away at John in the corner DiBiase came in for the roll up and got the 1, 2, 3 on his Legacy leader. Looks like Ted took what Cody said to heart, because he did do exactly what Rhodes said he would do.

Orton was boiling in the ring screaming at Ted and when he turned around he got an Attitude Adjustment from John Cena. And that was the end of that. The thing is after two contreversial pins like that what will break down tonight.

Will we see Ted go off at Cody again? Will Orton go off at Ted?

Well one thing we know for sure is John Cena is facing Triple H tonight. I think Orton will put this past him tonight so he can keep a close eye on that match. If you know what that means.

Also don't be surprised if Snoop Dogg makes a match like Rhodes Vs DiBiase or DiBiase Vs Orton. It's not out of the question. We all know that this is a part of DiBiase's face turn and the WWE is doing well on this. I think for tonight you put him in a match against Rhodes and have him pin Rhodes and pick up the win there too. That way he will have beat both of his fellow Legacy members.

We all are suspecting that after Bragging Rights, John Cena is heading off Raw and to SmackDown(even though I'd prefer to have him on ECW). Now at almost the exact same time DiBiase's movie is coming out. And Vince is turning him face for it. Does this mean a feud with Rhodes or Orton? Well I think it's gonna be against Orton because it doesn't really help you into the main event by beating Cody Rhodes. Beating Rhodes at the moment is worth just as much as beating Hornswoggle. So Ted goes after top dog, Randy.

Does this mean Ted will win the feud? No. Maybe some more tag team wins with him and a partner beating Rhodes and Orton. Only when he is ready he should get the pin on Randy. Also if he does it should be a non-title contest obviously because I do not believe Ted can carry the company yet. Instead slowly have him beat some of the top superstars and then at an unpredictable time have him take the title. Sorta like Randy did, but don't completely rip it off.

I am eagerly awaiting to see one of my favourite superstars make a jump to the main event. It should be something great. Ted is going to be one of the biggest guys in the WWE at some point and it all starts here. So if Raw doesn't fail they have themselves a great superstar for the future.

Well that's it, but before I go here is a quick summary of some of Legacy's possible involvement in the night...

  • Raw starts with a segment with Legacy with some potential boiling points between the likes of Rhodes and DiBiase or DiBiase and Orton.
  • Snoop Dogg gets involved and schedules a match for the night which includes a Legacy member going head to head with DiBiase(not sure either Orton or Rhodes).
  • Some backstage disputes are caught on tape with Legacy.
  • The match with the Legacy members happens. They go one on one with DiBiase beating Orton/Rhodes.
  • Other member is put in a random contest with any Raw superstar.
  • In the Cena Vs Triple H main event Orton gets involved distracting Cena and helping Triple H of all people win. 

What mayhem might go down tonight with one of the most entertaining singers out there as guest host? Tune in and watch what could be a potentially good Raw.