Laundry on the Field: Penalties Plague Husker Offense

LuAnn SchindlerContributor IOctober 19, 2009

On Saturday, Memorial Stadium and Tom Osborne Field saw more laundry blowing in the breeze, a problem that seems to haunt the Husker offense lately. The Huskers need to quit airing the dirty laundry and fold up the yellow flag, before unnecessary penalties cause an offensive downward spiral.

During games against BCS opponents, the Big Red offensive machine lost 154 yards due to 21 penalties. That's 7.3 yard average each time the yellow hankie flies.

Against Texas Tech, the penalties pushed the Huskers out of the red zone or ended drives that were successfully moving down field. Six of eight penalties involved plays within Texas Tech's 30-yard line.

Personal foul. Three false starts. Holding.

Player intensity is necessary, but when do intense mistakes turn into an inexcusable problem?

The offensive coaches agree there's a problem and promise it will be addressed in this week's practices.

Once the penalties are under control, perhaps the offense can concentrate on driving down the field and punching it into the end zone.

The proverbial silver lining on the yellow cloth would be a penalty-free game when Iowa State swirls into town this weekend.

And touchdowns. Lots of touchdowns.