Twitch User Streams UFC 218 Live by Pretending to Play EA Sports UFC Video Game

Steven RondinaFeatured ColumnistDecember 4, 2017

How realistic is EA Sports UFC 3 going to be? Pretty darn realistic, judging from this!

During Saturday night's broadcast of UFC 218, a crafty streamer on (a website that allows gamers to broadcast their play) seemingly showed a large portion of the pay-per-view event on his channel.

How did he pull it off on a website dedicated almost exclusively to video games? By encoding an overlay into his stream that showed him holding a controller, which made it appear as though he was playing a video game. Check out a brief clip above.

It's an amazing workaround that, at the very least, helped the self-described "YouTuber on the rise" go viral for one great weekend. We'll see whether he tries to pull this off again.