Nnamdi, Is It True? Did you really get through to them?

El GuapoContributor IOctober 19, 2009

Is it true that you successfully petitioned Marshall to change the defensive scheme right under Al's nose? Is it true that you almost single-handedly dragged the Raiders into the 21st century? Is it true that woke up the defense just in time to contain one of the highest scoring offenses in the league?

Well, if the story is true, then thank you. Thank you for saving the Raiders from themselves. Thank you for, hopefully, giving Al a wake up call. Thank you for not giving up after the first try on a team which normally prefers it's own prehistoric version of defense. But most, thank you for showing us what our defensive players can do when the leash is taken off them, and for spurring our offense by forcing the other team into a bunch of 3 and outs.

P.S. Sorry you got poked in the eye. Next time, slap the guy, just make sure the ref isn't looking.