UM Canes Fanbase..Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde..?

Daton O. FullardContributor IOctober 19, 2009

UM vs UCF and Fan Expectations

Just a few thoughts on a very young University of Miami Football Team..

A new generation of Hurricanes fans seem to be coming to the forefront. Some I would suspect have good hearts and good intentions. However very few are realistic and connected to the harsh reality of today's ever changing real world of Big Time College Football.

Many of these fans simply do not seem to want to face the realization that this still learning. Still growing very young Miami Hurricanes Football team is just a now budding but very talented work in progress.

When this obviously very young team. Somehow does not live up to everyone's quite unrealistic perceptions of what they should do or be. Or beat someone the way some feel like they should. Many of these same fans are quite agitated and disappointed. Why is this so..?

Well quite a few having already decided to look ahead. To what they think the "U" should do to their next opponent or team. Which of course they perceive to be playing only in the "field of dreams" of their own mind. Some see them going up against a team they feel to be a somewhat inferior opponent. Based in part on what someone else has said or the mirage of their won lost record.

Folks although I truly do hate to rain on your parade. Newsflash..!! There are no decidedly inferior opponents left on UM's Schedule..There is a reason that UM has never even been close to winning an ACC Championship yet. It is called competition..!! You had better show up every weekend and be ready to play your very best or you will get your behind handed to you and you will lose..!!

Having said that. Everyone of these teams remaining on UM's schedule are going to play Miami like its their own version of the Superbowl..or National Championship. Which is probably as close as some of them may ever get this season. To playing a truly  meaningful game against a very highly ranked opponent. All their excitement will come rolled up into one rabid do or die game..!! Played at near hysteria levels..!!

Many of these giddy excited but slightly misguided UM fans. Have no real clue about the motivation of some of their competitors capabilities. I look at some of the projections being tossed about. Of some of these varying hypothetical scenarios. Issued by talking heads saying that Miami should now easily be able to go 11-1.

Are you kidding..!!! Why simply because someone else says that looking at their seemingly weak schedule they should be able to beat so and so. ? In the recent past how many times has UM been favored to beat a so called weak UNC Wake NC State or VA Clemson or any of these other remaining ACC teams..?  Folks even Duke cannot be taken for granted.

You get the feeling some of these folks think that only UM is going to show up to play and the other team is just going to lay down and forfeit maybe. 

People settle down..Quit getting ahead of yourself and reality. While this certainly is a gifted talented group. It is still a very very young team. They can be beat on any given weekend..!!!  I will say this again this very young team has to run a fierce gauntlet.

Through some very tough games remaining against some highly motivated teams. Each of whom now sees this young Miami Team. As their saving grace if they can somehow manage to steal a win. Allowing them to have for themselves a very successful season. At a very highly ranked Miami Team's expense.

Every single team that this Young Miami Team will yet face. Will truly by game time become a "Murderers Row" mentality type of game folks. No one truly cares whether you expect them {UM} to win them all rather foolishly or not.

This young team has to continue to grow and show progress each week each game. They as a team must still learn, test and find itself. A safe route to a victory in each of the upcoming weeks. All in the heat of battle. While still trying to find someway to win each and everyone of these daunting games.

Some of you need to understand this. I for one though I am a Fan of this program I do know that this will not be as easy a task. As many of you seem to think it will be.

All this facing the pressures and ever increasing expectations and perceptions. Of everyone inside of the program. As well as those outside of the program. While this young group and its Coaching Staff is still learning how to win tough games.

While also trying to manage conquer and defeat. Their own youthful mistakes and growing pains and other youthful tendencies.

They will be going up against teams coming at them with any number of different schemes. Coaches that will be trying to pull out all the stops to find a way to get an upset. But for many of you daydreaming and fantasizing only about your own visions of future BCS Glory.

Here is another reality check. This team can very easily lose any one of these remaining games and can be beaten by 1 point or 20 points. By anyone of their 6 remaining opponents.

How..? Let's see what about missing an assignment, any lack of focus, routine mistakes, youthful indifference, weather are just a few things that pop into my mind. Not even addressing any number of other things like key personnel injuries etc.

Am I trying to rain on your parade to a BCS Game or a National Championship date. No but are you as a fan being realistic ? There are several hundred different scenarios that all have to come into play and line up quite perfectly. In order for this to even become remotely possible..

Does that possibly exist ? Yes. Is it very remote ?  Yes. So are you really being fair as fans ? In your hyped up expectations and projections..?

Many of you sadly will be ready to turn on this team and its Coaching Staff. At the first loss if it occurs or the minute your own somewhat overstated perceptions are not met or exceeded..?

Caused by a bad break bad call or a bad game or some other simple mistakes made during the heated competition of a close game. This "fans passion" is a two headed coin that can turn very quickly into "fans poison". On one side is wins the other side is loss. One side is Joy the other side is despair.

I think everyone who may be a true fan of the Hurricanes. Needs to take a few steps back into reality. You need to let this football season just be whatever this young but growing team will yet define it to the coming weeks.

We all just need to learn how to let them accomplish what they will and can accomplish. Then as Fans just try to enjoy and embrace whatever they do and somehow learn how to just appreciate it.

Will it be what you want or desire..? Probably or probably not. This is not a version of Fantasy Football. But a game played by real competitive young people. Who will go out and play well at times..Sometimes they will look very good. Sometimes they will not.

Some of you on the other hand already have rather foolishly projected and decided. Who the teams are that UM should beat down in your own fantasy world rather easily. When or if they do or do not..The vociferous quite cantankerous and loud cancerous boo birds will appear.

All of a sudden. If this young team should find itself struggling. Mark Whipple will go from Hero to a Zero and in your mind cannot coach. The Offensive line cannot block. Randy Shannon should run up the score because we need style points..? Geez..!!!

Think I am being a bit harsh and unfair..?  This Young Canes football team has just won a tough hard contested game on the road at UCF. Less than 24 hrs ago by 20 points and all of a sudden. Everyone and their mama is still a critic..About what they shoulda coulda or didn't do..?

Please people just grow up and calm down Canes Fans. Let this young Canes team find itself and come into its own. Give them your love encouragement and help through your support. They are certainly going to be in need of it in the coming very challenging weeks ahead. For they surely do have a very tough road ahead of them yet.

Will the world end just because they do not live up to or exceed your own sometimes misguided expectations. No. Will this team still grow and be very good in the near future. Yes they most likely will. Will it be enough to ever satisfy some of you probably not.

It is so funny that there are so many of you. Who seem to think that UM will not have injuries. Not have any further adversity or not even have a few things that no one can see or anticipate that can still go very wrong. With this already wild and wonderfully exciting and exhilarating season. That is only now arriving at its halfway point. 

Wake up and be glad this Team is giving its all. Unexpected things will is called Life..!!

Many of you seem to forget all about what happened. So easily on a very rainy day at Blacksburg VA. Just a few weeks ago..

When your own and everyone else's rather lofty expectations and ambitions soon collided. Then crashed back to earth with a shocking dose of natural reality.

I am not trying to be harsh. Just trying to encourage the Real Hurricane Fans out there. To give this very young team your support. Just keep your expectations to yourself. Until they play the game and hopefully. Win the remaining games yet to be played with some passion and some class.

Each of us needs to just let go of the past. It is ok to embrace the bright future these new young Canes will yet someday soon. Create and still help to define and write..It is their Future. We are all as fans. Just going along for the ride. 

Let these young Canes and Future Canes lead us all there..But let them do it their own way the Right Way..!!!! Growing Pains and all..!!

Although it is still a long way to the Promised Land. I will be just as glad if and or when these Young Canes Football Players and Men manage. To still somehow find a way to eventually get there..!! Go Canes.!!


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