UFC Beware: Affliction Adds Arlovski and Trump

Jason FouchaAnalyst IJune 4, 2008

In a move well....expected by everyone, Andrei Arlovski announced he has indeed signed with Affliction. Look for him to be fighting Ben Rothwell on the Banned card, and I think he has a pretty good chance of winning.

Arlovski is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, who defeated Tim Sylvia for the title. He then lost the belt back to Sylvia, and has since been on a 3 fight win streak, with 2 of those wins coming by knockout.

In other big news, the Affliction brand made a move that could possibly give the UFC a run for its money.

Donald Trump will be announced as the new equity partner for the company. This gives Affliction a huge backing and a lot of push.

Think of the possibilities. Trump has endless resources, from building in Vegas, to a lot of pull in New York. Think about it, with Trump behind it, MMA could be made legal in New York.

And what is the biggest possibility? Trump has a lot of pull with NBC, meaning we could see a true MMA show on prime time. Think about it....Affliction: Risen, on prime time.

You could have Fedor vs Arlovski, or even Arlovski vs Sylvia 4 headline, and with the names they have on their roster, they certainly could draw the fans.

UFC better watch out because Affliction could soon be stepping it up another notch.