Dear Dusty Baker, Play Ken Griffey Jr.: Waiting Doesn't Win

Fred DillonContributor IJune 4, 2008

For the third strait game, Dusty Baker has not placed the Reds regular right fielder in the lineup. Baker told the press that the aging future Hall-of-Famer was due to the wet conditions at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

We all know why he really is on the bench. Sitting at 599 career home runs, the Reds office wants to see Griffey hit No. 600 at home. This would be great, but the past two nights their team has lost one-run ballgames. With Griffey in the lineup, who knows what could have happened.

I understand "The Kid" is all grown up now, and that he has had his share of injuries over the past seven or eight seasons. But to let him sit out three games in a row due to a hunch is preposterous. He needs to play, the Reds need him to play, and the Reds fans need him to play.

I know Baker is probably under a lot of pressure from the front office make sure Griffey has the best chance to smack the big one at home, but the season is not over quite yet, and lord knows we do not want to see any more of Corey Patterson's pop-ups and horrible batting average. He is needed now more than ever with Ryan "Dirty" Freel on the DL.

Another reason he may not be starting is because his dad is in Florida, representing Cincinnati in the MLB Draft, and thus could not attend the current series. But, then again, this is why we have video and telephones!

So Dusty, play The Kid. This up-and-coming team needs some momentum, and the more he is in the lineup and the sooner he hits the milestone, the sooner the team can move on and get going.