Dolphins QB Jay Cutler Wants No Part of Defenders While Lined Up in Wildcat

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistOctober 1, 2017

When an NFL coach calls for the Wildcat formation, they have to be careful because those plays can put their quarterback at risk.

Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase doesn't have much to worry about—Jay Cutler wants nothing to do with moving to the outside.

In the first quarter of Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints in London, the Dolphins went Wildcat on a 1st-and-20. Cutler lined up well off the line of scrimmage, and as Jay Ajayi ran the football, the Miami signal-caller didn't budge. Not an inch.

There's no need for Cutler to put himself at risk by going at a defender, but this play still was certainly entertaining. At least he didn't wind up on blooper reels the way Mark Sanchez infamously did.