Buckeyes Are Offensivley Inept

BG BrewContributor IOctober 17, 2009

27 Oct 2001 : Ohio State head coach Steve Tressell observes the game against Penn State at Beaver Field in State College, Pennsylvania . Penn State won 29-27. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Jamie Squire/Allsport

 From the first game this year up to today's versus Purdue, the Buckeyes defense was left on the field too long and left trying to win a game.  The OSU offense is inept and unreliable.  I will never blame the defense for giving up scores or long drives because they are simply not at fault. Coach Tress' offense simply cant deliver when needed.  As I've said all season, Pryor has regressed.  Plays he made with his arm as a freshman don't seem to come as easy as a sophomore.  I criticized Sain earlier in the season and maybe he got the same message from someone else, he has been very effective since Herrons departure.  The WRs are all future NFL players, even Ray Smalls. The offensive line is probably only lacking in experience.  I am willing to accept that this is a rebuilding year. But I also know talent when I see it.  Why the struggle?

Coach Tressell is still too conservative.  He doesn't take enough shots down field. Now we can blame Pryor but what it really says is that he doesn't have confidence in the young QB.  OSU always has to react when they are in tough games, like today.  When this happens the defense gets stuck with the responsibility to determine the games outcome...like today.  This team should be in constant attack mode. Never playing not to lose but playing to when. I can go on and on... Well incomplete pass, 4th and long, Purdue ball.  I guess Monday we'll be out of the top 10. The Defense just can't win the game every week.