Raider Nation...Do You Believe?

Shawn DieboldContributor IOctober 17, 2009

My fellow Raider Fans I ask, Do you believe? 

Do you believe in Jamarcus? Do you believe in Tom? Do you believe in the Raiders?

I ask the good people of the Raider Nation to believe during these harsh times. No matter how bad it may be I want you to believe. There can be no booing players no bashing coaches and no b.s.

If you are a Raider Fan then show it. Show the world that we are the most loyal fans and that we shall never waiver. 

This Sunday if you are in attendance I ask of you to give Jamarcus a standing ovation. Let Jamarcus know that we are on his side. It can go a long way when you know somebody believes in you. 

One thing that is always present within the Raiders organization is loyalty. "Once a Raider, always a Raider." Our fans are known for being loyal and we have a chance to improve this team by our own power and that is with loyalty.

Much has been said that declares this team as not capable of playing during these times and in my opinion that is wrong they are young and we have to do our part by pushing them with our support.

I know I speak only for myself but I plead to the Raider Nation no matter how you may feel about the Raiders that you believe and now with chance to build our teams confidence you take it this Sunday.

Peace and Love to the Raider Nation.