Formula One Needs to Be Reformed!

Sheiban ShakeriSenior Analyst IJune 4, 2008

Last weekend, I was invited by Red Bull, courtesy of Bleacher Report, to the Detroit stop of the Red Bull Air Race. Following the Air Race for a much shorter period than I did with Formula One, I found this to be an amazing opportunity to see what happens in the new motorsport of the 21st century, and boy was it fun!

When thinking of Formula One vs. the Red Bull Air Race, I was thinking "Formula what?" at the end of this weekend!

When I was there, the pilots chatted with all reporters in such a relaxed and open manner. They were open to jokes and they were just in a playful mood, from the last place rookie to the first place ace. This is something I had never seen in Formula One. In F1, it was all etiquette, manners, and you have to say the right thing or else you risk a falling out with your sponsor.

As well, in air racing, winning is not limited to who can get the fastest time. The guy who barely makes it into the super eights (top 8 out of 12) has just as much a chance of winning as the guy who registered the fastest time. This makes the Air Race more unpredictable.

Formula One needs to be more unpredictable. Wet races make it entertaining, but when the conditions are dry, it's pretty obvious as to who will win.

The GP2 idea by Flavio Briatore was an interesting one, and it should at least be looked at. As well, I believe that in order to gain more fans and a bigger market, material about Formula One should be a little more accessible, like having a YouTube channel or a channel on Joost.

The elite and caviar munching world of Formula One has to be reformed, and I think it should start with fans who are the average Joe, the guys who have to save a month's salary to attend a race.

What should be done to reform Formula One?