Uriah Hall Pulls Off Shocking Comeback with Big KO Punch at UFC Fight Night 116

Steven RondinaFeatured ColumnistSeptember 16, 2017

Uriah Hall seemed doomed at UFC Fight Night 116 in Pittsburgh. In the early goings of Round 1, a Krzysztof Jotko uppercut badly rocked him.

Most would have been knocked out cold then and there. Many more would have rolled over and taken the rear-naked-choke loss to escape the wave of punishment that came after. Not Hall, though.

After escaping back to his feet in the waning seconds of the first frame, he answered the bell for the second and got right back to work. That resilience paid off in the form of a brutal comeback knockout win.

This was a much-needed victory for Primetime, who entered the night on a tough three-fight losing skid. Likely to jump back into the top 10 off this victory, it will be interesting to see if Hall can reassert himself as the offensive dynamo he was in 2015.