Mike Shipman Nails a Spinning Forearm KO, Wins BAMMA Middleweight Title

Nathan McCarter@McCarterNFeatured ColumnistSeptember 15, 2017

Mike "Sea Bass" Shipman stepped into the BAMMA cage in London for a shot at Yannick Bahati and his middleweight title. Shipman reeled it in with an extraordinary KO.

In the third round, after breaking from a clinch along the cage, Shipman entered with a left but spun around with perfect timing to catch Bahati with his forearm.

Bahati crumpled to the canvas, facedown, to signal a changing of the guard at BAMMA 31.

The alternate angle is just as vicious as you can see Bahati's head and neck absorb the blow.

Shipman moved his professional record to 11-1 with the title victory.

BAMMA 31 was a night of sensational finishes—none more impressive than Sea Bass hitting the one-hitter, spinner quitter.