Murray State D-Lineman Marries Girlfriend with Help from Offensive Line Coach

Maurice Moton@@MoeMotonFeatured ColumnistSeptember 13, 2017

Murray State defensive lineman Bishop Woods didn't need an extravagant wedding or a courthouse to marry his girlfriend of three years.

Instead, Woods spontaneously asked the school's offensive line coach, Brian Hamilton, to do the honors at Roy Stewart Stadium near midfield in front of his teammates.

Woods' girlfriend, Caitlin Myers, agreed on the spot.

Many coaches serve as father figures to their players away from home. It's certainly an added bonus to have an ordained minister on the coaching staff just in case you find love on campus.

It's not the most romantic setting, but Woods scores a perfect 10 on the spontaneity meter. There's no word on reception plans, but he may have another resourceful plan in mind.