Cincinnati Reds Draft: Where Do We Go from Here?

Fred DillonContributor IJune 4, 2008

The Cincinnati Reds have finally realized the importance of home-grown talent the past couple years.

Young stars like Joey Votto and Jay Bruce are a product of the Reds' farm system. The  Reds are not exactly planning for next year with this draft, but planning for the years to come.

This draft is all about pitching. Although the rotation this year has been solid with the exception of that fifth starting position, the Redlegs may need to draft for the future. 

Harang can only continue to stay at the top of his game for so long and we are all well aware that Bronson Aroyyo's best days may be behind him. A solid starter to support Edison Volquez and Johnny Queto may be necessary.

If the Reds are not in a position to draft a stud pitcher, then my advice is this:  Draft the overall best player available to you.

Although you would like to fill your positional needs, extra depth at any position is wise. The pitching in AAA Louisville this year has been phenomenal and we would like to see what Homer Bailey has learned when he makes his first big league start of the season tomorrow night against the Philadelphia Phillies.

So when the Reds draft tomorrow, we should all dream big!