Russell Westbrook Plays NBA Jam Against Jimmy Fallon

Andrew GouldFeatured ColumnistSeptember 12, 2017

When the NBA's most energetic player meets TV's most bubbly late-night talk show host, it's only natural for them to play a classic video game where basketball players can fly. 

On Monday night, Russell Westbrook made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Rather than get humiliated by the Oklahoma City Thunder star in a real one-on-one showdown, Fallon challenged the newly minted MVP to NBA Jam. 

Fallon selected the Boston Celtics duo of Larry Bird and Kevin Garnett, mostly relying on the former's shooting touch. Westbrook played as himself and Rumble the Bison, the Thunder's mascot. Perhaps the game hasn't added Paul George yet. 

Down 10-4 with 52 seconds left in the two-minute quarter, Westbrook drained a pair of three-pointers to tie it up. The host then hit a go-ahead three with Bird, and time expired right before Westbrook—in mid-air—could retaliate.  

Westbrook also talked about his mom's fashion influence and the need to love everything in his closet, including socks and underwear, while Fallon suggested some nicknames for Oklahoma City's new duo. 

If he wanted to best Bird in a virtual three-point shootout, Westbrook should have orchestrated an NBA Jam reunion with Kevin Durant

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