Asuka Must Maintain Undefeated Streak for the Foreseeable Future on WWE Raw

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 12, 2017


When Asuka charges into WWE Raw glaring at her enemies with her fists cocked, she must be presented as extraordinary. Her aura of invincibility can't fade in the move from NXT to the main roster. Asuka is a once-in-a-generation talent and must be treated as such.

Her continuing to upend opponent after opponent is the only smart move.

A broken collarbone ended Asuka's run as NXT women's champ, not any of the rivals grasping for that gold. On an NXT episode that aired last week, Asuka vacated the title. The rumors surrounding her next move about when WWE would call her up to the main roster didn't have much time to germinate.

WWE announced on Monday's Raw that The Empress of Tomorrow will join the red brand.

Raw will soon welcome a warrior in Technicolor gladiator gear, a predator with a serpentine smile, a top-flight performer. Asuka was a cornerstone for the NXT brand and can now be exactly that in her new home.

To this point, Asuka has been unmatched, untouched, unstoppable. 

Of her 204 matches on CageMatch.netThe Empress of Tomorrow has only not been victorious once. She lost a Battle Royal in early 2016, but WWE has not counted this as part of its canon. The company has ignored that bout, hyping her as an undefeated dominant force.

Asuka held the NXT Women's Championship longer than Bayley and Sasha Banks combined. She went 10-0 at TakeOver events. By fending off everyone from Mickie James to Nikki Cross, Asuka has become the Goldberg of the women's division. 

Anticipation has grown with each bout, as each of her foes has looked to do what the last one couldn't.

But will WWE continue this run on Raw? Will the creative team at this level fail to recognize how special she is?

Vaughn Johnson of is among those worried about how WWE will book her on the main roster:

If Asuka is subjected to the same 50-50 booking so many others are, it will be a mistake. If she's 3-4 in the first two months on Raw, she'll be lumped in with so many other stars. It doesn't make sense for Asuka to have a midcarder's resume.

When WWE wants to showcase a new star, it makes a clear effort to back them up, to script a winning streak. That was the case for The Shield, who beat every superteam thrown its way. That was the case with Braun Strowman as he tore through a wave of jobbers.

Asuka deserves that same treatment. She should be a whirlwind whipping through the Raw landscape.

Chair Shot Reality host Josh Isenberg raved about Asuka: "She oozes charisma. Energy, excitement. She did more for NXT in two years, that's why Triple H called her the anchor to the show."

Isenberg's not alone. Fans and analysts have heaped this kind of praise on Asuka throughout her WWE tenure.

Extending her winning streak helps add to the buzz around her. And it also provides a built-in story. WWE Creative will have it easy as it allows Asuka to climb up the Raw ladder win by win.

This is a case where continuity with NXT story arcs makes perfect sense. Asuka's streak is still ongoing. Her NXT narrative is still in need of a climax. The company simply has to let a rolling ball keep rolling.

And WWE will have itself quite the memorable moment when Asuka eventually falls. 

That shouldn't happen anytime soon. It's time now to build up Asuka even higher, to introduce a wider audience to her dominance, to allow her to continue to make history. 

WWE flubbed the end of Charlotte Flair's pay-per-view streak with an underwhelming ending. Asuka's first loss should be a bigger deal, something that is the talk of WWE.

Imagine how hyped fans will be if an undefeated Asuka challenges Alexa Bliss at WrestleMania. Imagine how big Asuka vs. Ronda Rousey would be if The Empress of Tomorrow's record is still spotless.

Patience with Asuka's story and streak will pay off big time. She will look like a legend in the making if she runs up her undefeated run well into 2018 and beyond. WWE should let her blast her way through the competition until SummerSlam of that year or even as late as WrestleMania 35. 

Asuka is the right warrior to play Raw's unstoppable Spartacus.