What The Cowboys Should Do in 2010!!

Chris Phelps@ChrisPhelps0Contributor IIIOctober 16, 2009

23 Sep 01:  Micah Knorr #4 of the Dallas Cowboys wears the American flag on his helmet during a game against the San Diego Chargers at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas. Chargers defeat the Cowboys 32-21. DIGITAL IMAGE.  Mandatory Credit: Ronald Martinez/ALLSPORT

What the Cowboys should do in 2010!!

1st off, lets start with there issues this year. They have in inconsistent quarterback (Tony Romo), there offensive line can't get it together, there running backs always get injured, they have a defense full of great players but they can't force a turnover or come up with as much sacks as they should. Last, there coach. Not a very good one if you ask me. 

Now what should they do in 2010? They should start of by drafting a quarterback like Tim Tebow or Colt McCoy. Then maybe sign a RB that doesn't get injured much. They should also put Miles Austin as there first receiver and Crayton as there second. Trade away Roy Williams for a safety like Darren Sharper or Bob Sanders. Get a good linebacker to replace Anthony Spencer. Also draft a couple good offensive lineman that are big and can block. Sign a kick returner that won't get injured much. Lastly, fire Phillips. Just face it, he stinks. Try to get someone to come out of retirement like Bill Cowher or Tony Dungy.      

I know its a lot to do, but if you want a super bowl, or even a playoff win, you gotta do all of this or it wont happen.