Hawaii Asst. Coach Sean Duggan Fractures Wrist in Field-Goal Block Celebration

Andrew Gould@AndrewGould4Featured ColumnistSeptember 7, 2017

Sean Duggan may stick to congratulatory handshakes when commemorating big plays in the future.

The Hawai'i Rainbow Warriors blocked two field goals and an extra point during Saturday's 41-18 victory over Western Carolina. This hurt Duggan more than the opponents.

According to Hawaii News Now, the linebackers coach fractured his wrist and dislocated his elbow after getting knocked down by a Viane Moala chest bump. Head coach Nick Rolovich playfully questioned his assistant coach's decision-making.

"You advise against chest-bumping a six-foot-seven, 300lb. Tongan," Rolovich said. "That's just, as a new haole guy on the island, that's just not something you should make a habit of."

Per HNN's report, Duggan will travel with the team for Saturday's game against UCLA. He should expect his unconventional injuries to be a heavy talking point during the weekend and beyond.

"He'll be in a sling for a while. He'll never forget it," Rolovich said. "He's a young coach, but I know I'll never let him forget it."

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