High Times: 10 NBA Players Who Might Sip The Bong-Water

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High Times: 10 NBA Players Who Might Sip The Bong-Water

We have all fell victim to this instance at least once. You're viewing an NBA game when all of a sudden a player induces a, "what the hell was he thinking," moment.

A play or action that is so ridiculous and outrageous, that you're forced to believe they're under the influence of something.

Well, you may be right, and by the thoughts, words, and deeds of these 10 players you may be inclined to lean to the side of the intoxicated.

This is purely hypothetical stuff (except for the few instances that have been corroborated) and not meant to ruffle any feathers, or darken any moods.

We all know that the urge to indulge runs high in our league, and if ever legalized, these are some of the players who might advertise.

I'm not talking about the hard stuff, no needles, snowflakes, or outright society scourges. I'm simply speaking of the cannabis.

The marijuana, ganja, or wacky weed if you prefer. The NBA and the chronic leaf have long been wed to each other, and these guys could be the spokesmen.

So relax your minds as Robert Parrish and I, take you on a tour of our High Times gallery.

Please let me know if you agree or disagree, or if you have an alternative player that could qualify for our High Times degree.

Let your conscience be free as we commence our Up In Smoke tour.

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