Vince McMahon on WWE SmackDown: Predictions for Kevin Owens Confrontation

Anthony MangoFeatured ColumnistSeptember 9, 2017


On next Tuesday's edition of SmackDown Live, we will see the on-screen return of one of the WWE's biggest legends: Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

While he's always there behind the scenes, it's become a rarity to see Mr. McMahon on camera over the past few years.

Whenever the red carpet is rolled out for him, though, you can bet something important is going to happen.

The last time he graced the crowd with his presence was April 3—right after WrestleMania—where he announced not only that Kurt Angle would be the new general manager of Monday Night Raw, but that the Superstar Shake-up would be happening.

This has become the trend with McMahon's appearances, and this upcoming week should be no different.

It was announced that Mr. McMahon would be specifically addressing the situation involving Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens, but all other details are staying vague.

The Backstory

In case you missed it, this storyline has revolved around Owens being frustrated with Shane's involvement in the United States Championship.

Over the course of the past few title defenses, Owens has been unable to recapture the gold due to Shane stepping in and preventing him from breaking the rules or through a direct hands-on approach in counting the pinfall loss.

After another confrontation, Owens declared that the entire McMahon family would have been better off had Shane not survived his helicopter crash from earlier in the year, singling out his kids in particular.

This sent Shane into a frenzy where he attacked Owens, who would later threaten to sue the McMahons and take down the entire WWE corporation.

Following this proclamation, general manager Daniel Bryan received a phone call instructing him to pass the information along to Shane that he had been indefinitely suspended.

At the tail end of the episode, Bryan informed Owens that Vince McMahon himself would be on SmackDown to sort things out.


What is Vince Going to Do?

Of course, the next thing the fans have to start wondering is how Vince is going to address the situation and just what we're all in store for.

Clearly, this can't be something as simple as him asking Shane to apologize to Owens, prompting a handshake between the two like what happened between Shane and AJ Styles, then riding off into the sunset.

Mr. McMahon doesn't show up to play the mediator without meddling around a bit on his own.

The Chairman of the Board is the be-all and end-all when it comes to decisions, not just in a kayfabe sense, but in reality, so nothing gets past his call.

He has the power to revoke Shane's suspension or to add more time onto it, possibly even firing his son entirely.

He also has the power to tell Owens he can try to sue, but he'll lawyer up and beat him in court; that isn't quite enthralling to hear.

The smart bet is that Vince will draw inspiration from the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view and the promo wherein Owens referenced Shane's previous cage match and death-defying jump from the top of the cell as a means to impress his father.

Whether it's reluctantly or with glee, Vince will almost assuredly be the one who makes the judgment call of booking Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon in a Hell in a Cell match come October 8, 2017.

This is the next logical step in their feud, and with the WWE Championship match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal not having been announced as taking place in a Hell in a Cell gimmick, this feud is the best option to justify putting in the demonic structure.

Things May Get Physical

It seems like a guarantee that the WWE's head honcho will book the Hell in a Cell match, but that may not be his only role in this feud.

Over the past few years, McMahon hasn't done much physical action in the ring, likely due to that character archetype being usurped by Triple H combined with Vince's advancing age.

However, he's clearly still in good shape, and since Shane already has engaged in a fight with Owens, there's a chance the latter may seek some kind of redemption by attacking Vince out of spite.

Picking on an older man will not only garner Shane more sympathy for coming to his father's rescue if he's able to and not banned from the arena, it will also paint an unlikable portrait of Owens as someone who would be despicable enough to beat up someone over twice his age.

This may even be a way to write Vince off television for a few more months to help explain why he isn't seen more often in a feud that revolves around one of the talent threatening a lawsuit against the company.

Whether he suffers some backlash from this in the court room or in the ring, Vince is stepping into dangerous waters with Owens, and the overall theme of his appearance on SmackDown will be to further push Owens and Shane toward that Hell in a Cell match.

Anything else that happens on top of, beforehand or after that announcement is fair game for speculation, so if you have any suggestions or predictions, make sure to leave a comment below!


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