Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose Need New Focus After Reunion, Winning Tag Titles

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 5, 2017


Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose colliding with Cesaro and Sheamus at No Mercy will result in quality in-ring action, but it won't have nearly the spark that their SummerSlam clash did.

Ahead of the August pay-per-view, Rollins and Ambrose had to regain each other's trust. They were allies-turned-enemies slowly, warily joining forces. And at SummerSlam, they rediscovered the magic they had as two-thirds of The Shield and captured the Raw Tag Team Championship from Cesaro and Sheamus.

Fast forward to the present and the champs don't have the advantage of a compelling, creative narrative anymore. As Geno Mrosko of Cageside Seats wrote: "They're lacking any meaningful story now that Ambrose and Rollins have reunited."

Rollins and Ambrose are titleholders looking to fend off the men who they took the gold from. 

That's a familar, ordinary tale. To maintain the babyfaces' momentum, though, they will need more than that.

The Raw tag team scene isn't appealing enough to stick with the status quo. The creativity we saw ahead of Rollins and Ambrose's win has to return. And the same goes for the emotion those two were able to create as they repaired their splintered relationship.

Raw can't just trot out the same combinations of enemies again and again as we've seen during recent reigns, including Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson's.

Whatever electric angle WWE has in mind for Rollins and Ambrose, though, might have to wait until after No Mercy on Sept. 24 when the champs put away Cesaro and Sheamus and move on.

The folks at Daily DDT asked a pertinent question regarding that situation: 

The Revival would be a perfect fit thanks to its smashmouth offense and vicious attacks. Scott Dawson's biceps injury, however, will delay that matchup for months.

Instead, WWE is going to have to get creative.

One option would be to have Raw and SmackDown's titleholders clash. Rollins and Ambrose have already teased a showdown with The Usos.

Beyond that, the duo needs more narrative elements to work with.

Do they run into old stablemate Roman Reigns? Do new teams form in an attempt to take down the kings? Does Rollins and Ambrose's cohesion start to come apart as someone reminds the two men of the bad blood between them? The answer to one of those questions has to be yes. 

The last thing WWE needs is one of its hottest stories fizzling out already.