NBA Finals Lakers vs. Celtics: Who is Your Pick?

Connor WildeyCorrespondent IJune 4, 2008

After a long and grueling NBA season and playoffs, the payoff that is the NBA Finals is finally here. And what a match up: Lakers vs. Celtics, just like the good ol' days of Magic and Bird. 

Kobe and his team of unproven running mates look to capture the trophy and prove that they are not just a one man team.

On the other side, veteran Paul Pierce wants to feel what it's like to win a championship along with the other two of the big three—KG and Ray Allen. 

After dominating the Spurs, the Lakers feel pretty good about themselves coming into this championship; as they should. The Celtics played some good ball, but after two seven game series and one six game series they still have to prove if they can beat a team of the Lakers quality.

If the Celtics want a shot to win they have to do three things effectively: play physical defense, get rebounds on both sides of the ball, and get the ball to Pierce and KG.

Allen is no slacker on the offensive end, but with Kobe guarding him, look for him to average only about 12 points per game. 

On the Lakers end they only really have to do a few things to beat the Celtics: get Kobe the ball, shut down Garnett and Pierce, and not turn the ball over.

The Lakers have been very impressive and look for that confidence to continue to guide them. 

My prediction is that the Lakers will win this series in six games because I don't think there is an answer to Kobe Bryant. He is just too good right now and he will make the shots down the stretch that the Celtics won't be able to answer. 

Let me know your prediction, I'm curious what everyone thinks and if anyone dares to take the Celtics.