TNA's Bound For Glory: One Casual Viewer's Opinion On The Card

Bill LCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2009

09 Oct 2000:  Scott Steiner celebrates defeating Ray Mysterio Jr after their bout at the World Chamionship Wrestling ''Thunder Down Under'' night at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia. Mandatory Credit: Scott Barbour/ALLSPORT

TNA has their biggest pay-per-view event coming up on Sunday, October 18, which is   Bound for Glory.  This is TNA's "Super Bowl" and it will be held in Irvine, California.  The card is interesting, and while it might not be the most dazzling of events I think it could be better than other pay-per-view events they’ve had this year.


Slightly off topic for a moment: I found out via the TNA website that Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society are scheduled to perform the National Anthem at the event.   What a way to kick off your “biggest event of the year”.  It makes for a bit of an odd choice if you ask me.


Here are some of my thoughts and opinion on the matches, and predictions on the winners.


TNA Knockouts Tag Title Match:  The Beautiful People (Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky) vs. Sarita and Taylor Wilde (c)

There hasn’t been a lot of buildup to this match, as seems to be the case with a lot of women’s matches.  The most heat brought was the night that TBP “apologized” to Sarita and Taylor, only to introduce Lacey Von Erich and jump the champs from behind. 


I’m not sure this will be a truly “good” match from a wrestling standpoint.  Sarita seems to have decent wrestling ability and may be the only one of the four ladies involved in this match that does.  One thing the match will have for certain are the normal TBP antics.  As long as Velvet does her typical “bend over, straddle the ropes and wiggle” entrance, I’m good.


Lacey Von Erich will play a role either by actually physically getting involved or by other means.  Her involvement will cost Taylor and Sarita the Knockout Tag gold.


Prediction:  The Beautiful People win and become new Knockout Tag Champs.


TNA Knockouts Title Match: Three-Way Dance, Awesome Kong vs. Tara vs. ODB (c)

There has been some mild buildup to this match between these three women, as there’s been some sort of controversy going on between these three for some time now.  It reached a high point last week with Kong trying to squash Tara’s pet tarantula,  and the distraction cost Tara her match with ODB.  Kong also walked out on tonight’s 6-woman tag event against TBP also, leaving Tara and ODB to take the loss.


This may likely be the better of the two women’s matches on the card – although neither will truly be spectacular.  Somewhere along the way, expect a surprise in this match (Cody Deaner, anyone?) that creates an opening for a title change and future friction.


Prediction:  Awesome Kong wins, recapturing the Knockouts Title.


Full Metal Mayhem for the TNA and IWGP Tag Team Titles: Beer Money Inc. vs. Team 3D vs. British Invasion (IWGP c) vs. Booker T and Scott Steiner (TNA c):

Full Metal Mayhem means that basically anything goes.  This match started out as a ladder match, but because of the mayhem that ensued at the contract signing the decision was made to go to an all-out brawl.  With both titles up for grabs, it’s possible that one team could hold both sets of belts or two different teams emerge victorious.


It’s interesting how Team 3D and Beer Money have a loose “allegiance” to each other, yet the Mafia team and the British Invasion really don’t like each other.  I would expect to see Team 3D and Beer Money work together for a while, but when it comes down to the time to grab the belts, it will truly be “every team for themselves”.


Rumors are circulating that Booker T may leave TNA in November and that Scott Steiner may not be far behind.  Depending on how much truth there is to the rumors, this match may be the point where Booker and Steiner drop the TNA tag titles to someone else.  I also don’t see the titles being dropped to an aging Team 3D, although I’ve been wrong before.  This is Beer Money’s time, and they deserve to ascend back to the top.


Prediction:  Beer Money, Inc. wins the TNA gold, British Invasion holds on to the IWGP gold.


Ultimate X Match for the X-Division Title: Homicide vs. Daniels vs. Suicide vs. D’Angelo Dinero vs. Amazing Red (c):

The high-flying signature division will have a title match on TNA’s biggest stage of the year.  I wish TNA would think of doing this a little more often, as it was what brought them onto the map of the pro wrestling landscape.


All of these men are fairly well suited to this match, and all are hungry for gold.  There has been heat building between Suicide and Dinero for a while now.  Tonight’s episode saw Homicide masquerade as the masked man and openly state that he was after Suicide as well.  Expect to see a group attack on Suicide.


The problem is that when too many in the match focus on one opponent, it enables someone else who gets lost in the shuffle to secure the win.  Expect that one person to be Amazing Red.  He’s quick and athletic, and not really in the mix of the rest of the feuds.


Prediction:  As crazy as it sounds, I think Amazing Red ends up retaining.


Monster’s Ball – Mick Foley vs. Abyss, with Dr. Stevie as the guest referee

The aged Mick Foley puts down his walker and enters the ring again to take on the monster, Abyss in a hardcore match.  Mick Foley has been doing these kinds of matches probably longer than many on the TNA roster have been wrestling (with the exception of the Mafia).  There has been a decent buildup to this match, oddly enough.


Mick lured Abyss in by befriending him then later events caused Mick to turn on him.  Dr. Stevie and Daffney have also been involved in the buildup by pretending to have kidnapped Abyss’ “girlfriend”, the backstage interviewer Lauren.  They’ve also participated in other attacks on Abyss as well along the way.  Mick’s spots making fun of Abyss as a “cheap knockoff of Mick Foley” that have enraged the monster have been decent as well.  Mick is still ‘good enough’ to sell on the mic.


A recent rumor arose that Mick got his hands in the ending of the Angle/Foley vs. Abyss/Morgan match and it ended up being re-shot to air on iMPACT.  The ending of Foley’s creation had Dr. Stevie get involved and Foley did not get pinned.  Because the run-in was such a catastrophe, they had a do-over the following night with Foley being pinned as was aired on iMPACT.  It makes me wonder if Mick will put Abyss over in this match, because Mick is (according to the story writer) “crafty, and hides behind that nice-guy image.”


It is getting a bit painful to watch Mick wrestle though.  I wish he'd just do some TV spots and let others handle the action.


Prediction: Abyss gets a measure of revenge on Mick and Dr. Stevie with a win.


MMA vs. TNA – Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley in a submissions match:

The heat building up to this has been really good for a TNA buildup.  Joe has had all the momentum in his favor, putting Lashley in a choke on two separate occasions.  Joe also attacked Bobby on last week’s show, dropping an elbow on Lashley while he was laid out on a table.


Earning the name “The Samoan Submission Machine” points to the fact that Joe has a variety of submission holds he can go to in this match.  Lashley has shown in the past that he is a power-oriented wrestler. With his MMA training, I'm thinking that has changed to some degree though we haven't seen it in the ring just yet. 


Since pinfalls don't count, and Joe has sprung a couple sneak attacks on Lashley, you'd think Joe has all the momentum.  For someone like Lashley to beat Joe at his own game - submissions - could further fuel this rivalry, though.  In a creative direction sense, I think some payback is due and these two will keep feuding.  Not a "match of the year" candidate, but it should be decent.


Prediction: Bobby Lashley picks up the win.


Legends Title – Three-Way Dance, Hernandez vs. Eric Young vs. Kevin Nash (c):

Eric Young and Kevin Nash have formed an alliance of sorts in order to try and eliminate Hernandez from the TNA landscape in this match.  The Mafia put a $30,000 “bounty” on Eric Young, and in turn, Eric lured Nash in to help eliminate Hernandez by doubling that figure if successful.  Since Nash is all about the money, he was happy to accept.


I suspect that the match action will primarily involve Hernandez and Eric Young as a continuation of their feud.  There's been heat between those two since Hernandez turned down Young to join the “World Elite” faction.  Young also interfered in a Legends Title match that Hernandez had against Nash, adding to that heat.


The other reason I think Young and Hernandez will carry this match is because of Kevin Nash.  Nash is very stiff in the ring and as a matter of this writer's opinion only, probably should also be considering a post-active wrestler plan for his life.  This match could be a dead zone on the card as a result.


I just can’t bring myself to say Hernandez will win, though I like him, because the World Elite will have a hand in this match somehow.  W-E has cost Hernandez other title shots before, and wil likely do it again.  Eric Young also cannot be trusted to do as he says to help Nash retain the belt, especially with the heat between the World Elite and the Mafia.


Prediction: Eric Young pulls off a big swerve and wins the Legends Title.


The Best vs. The Future – Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan:

With Olympic medals and 12 World Championships (counting WWE and TNA) to his credit, Kurt is one of the most decorated and one of the best pure wrestlers in the pro ranks today.  He has tremendous ability and can still go in the ring at a high level.


Morgan has sought diligently after his opportunity to become a member of the Mafia, with Kurt throwing twists and turns at him. Every time Matt thought he was in, Kurt had “one more task” for him to complete first.  Then Kurt's insinuations that Matt was not experienced enough came along.  It all comes to a head in this match.


Matt Morgan is a good athlete, but he lacks the true wrestling ability of a Kurt Angle.  What will make this matchup is the skill of Kurt Angle against the strength and power of Matt Morgan.  It will be interesting to see if Kurt puts Matt over here, but I suspect he won’t.


Prediction:  Kurt Angle gets the win.


TNA Heavyweight Championship – Sting vs. AJ Styles (c):

What more can be said about Sting?  He’s won the world title at the past three (2006, ’07, and ’08) Bound for Glory events and been an icon in the industry for 20 years or more.  He has had a tremendous ride in this business and done just about all that can be done.  I won’t lie – I’ve been a fan of Sting since his NWA days with the short blonde hair and wild face paint.


AJ Styles, as Hayley beautifully wrote previously, is without a doubt the future of TNA’s roster.  He has done a lot in TNA, and I am also happy to see him carry the Heavyweight Championship into this match.  AJ is athletically gifted without question.  But when AJ thought of walking away before No Surrender, guess who was there to keep him around?


It was Sting, his Bound for Glory opponent.


It is interesting that there is some friction between Sting and AJ, though not direct heat as this will be pretty much a face vs. face matchup. AJ at first thanked Sting for “sacrificing” the title to AJ by not pinning Kurt at No Surrender, which Sting took exception to.  There was also the interview segment with Mike Tenay where they disagreed over the same subject.  There's tension there - not full out heat. 


Sting isn’t what he used to be, but he still has enough skill to get around in the ring and give a decent match.  He also has a little hometown motivation to put on a good match since this event is in Southern California where he resides.  AJ may carry some spots in this match, but it should be a decent main event.


Will it be Sting’s final curtain call?  When the subject came up the first time, I thought it would be but now I don’t think so.  Something tells me the final curtain is close, but it won’t be at Bound for Glory.


Prediction: AJ Styles retains, but expect somewhere in the near future for there to be one more brief title run for Sting before he calls it quits for good.


Overall, the card is decent and while it will have some dead spots it should entertain.


When the event is over, it will be interesting to see how TNA handles the creative direction going forward out of their largest event of the year.  They have started to show small steps of improving their product, and the outcome of this pay-per-view could give them another opportunity to take a few more small steps forward.