Weekly Five Spot: Sports Villains

Nick NickelCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2006

You know you've got one, Meat.

If we at the Spot are sure of anything, it's that everybody has a favorite sports villain. Or a least favorite sports villain, depending on how you look at it—the jock you love to hate, especially when he's taking it your hometown squad. That's the first rule of being a legit baddie, after all: you've got to be pretty damned competent at whatever you do. In that spirit, the dudes who made the cut this week are the best of the worst, the shining lights in a constellation of darkly-burning stars. Yes, they're the objects of our scorn, and the targets of our syringes, but the scorn and the syringes are a sort of admission on our part, an acknowledgement that we care enough to jeer and curse and howl in the first place. Think of it like this: passion is passion, no matter what form takes it, and in every epithet's there's a flicker of something warmer, a hint of something deeper, a whisper that maybe, maybe