Dez Bryant Roasts Giants Fan After $75 Tip

Zac Wassink@ ColumnistAugust 23, 2017

It appears one New York Giants fan may have learned a lesson about keeping football loyalties away from work life.  

A Twitter user took to social media on Wednesday to share that Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant left a generous tip at the pizza restaurant where she works. Unfortunately, she wasn't overly appreciative of the gesture. 

"Dez Bryant came into my work and tipped me $75, but I still hate the Cowboys," she tweeted. 

As Saad Yousuf of SportsDay explained, the employee claims to be a Big Blue supporter. 

Bryant eventually responded via Twitter: "I won't be having blaze pizza at that location again lmao." 

The official Twitter account for Blaze Pizza wanted the 28-year-old to know he is welcome at other restaurants, perhaps locations where fans of rival NFC East teams don't work: 

The Giants fan, who appears to have deleted her account, probably should've just tweeted a simple "Thanks."