Allen Iverson and Ice Cube Visit Seattle Seahawks Practice

Rivea RuffContributorAugust 19, 2017

Ice Cube and Allen Iverson each got a chance to live out their football dreams at the Seattle Seahawks' practice facility Saturday while paying an impromptu visit to the team.

While in Seattle for the upcoming BIG3 playoffs, Iverson and Cube dropped in on the NFL franchise, challenging the players to games of horse and free-throw contests on the team's courts, and running plays on the field.  

The BIG3 relayed star cornerback Richard Sherman showing off his shooting form:

Head coach Pete Carroll invited the visitors to the team meeting, where he ironically lectured his players on the importance of practicing in Iverson's company.

Cube jokingly expressed that he hoped his team of choice, the Oakland Raiders, wouldn't disown him for the friendly visit, per

Here's a look at some of the action: