TLDR Fantasy Football 2017 (aka Draft Christian McCaffrey): The B/R Mag Show

Everybody's sleeper pick stops by this week's podcast. Plus: Why you SHOULD draft a player on the Browns—and why you should NOT expect to see OBJ out here in Yeezys.
August 18, 2017

It's been a long week. But at least you've got that fantasy football draft coming up, right? Right?!

Real quick, we've got you covered—and we're not talking mock drafts.

Who tops The Sports-Culture Power Rankings this episode? Hint: Not Roberto Aguayo, not Gronk and not even another semi-fun rule change from the No Fun League. Could it be President LeBron James?

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Football season has pretty much arrived, though, so we've got two special guests: Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey (aka the guy someone in your draft is about to spend big on) and ESPN's Mina Kimes (aka our friendly rival podcast host, fellow Seattle Seahawks whisperer and all-around wise human of the NFL).

And we've got jokes!

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Or listen to Episode 11 of The B/R Mag Show below: