The Boys Of Summer ... Really ??? Summer ???

Bermuda BobAnalyst IIOctober 15, 2009

Am I the only person to wonder why we still call Baseball the game of "The Boys of Summer" ??? 

In recent years, we've started the season with April Showers - SNOW SHOWERS - that is, in Yankee Stadium ... and last week we had a game postponed in Colorado due to 4" of snow !!!

How can anyone consider the Baseball Playoffs a fair representation of the absolute best team in Baseball when the majority of the season is contested in summer weather which varies from the oppressive Texas heat to the coolest of northern climates - then the Championship is decided in 40 degree or less weather !!!

... and why, have we had to wait four (4) days ???  So we can create a new accolade for a player ???   Do we really want a "Mr. November" ???

Personally, I think it was because FOX was afraid to tell Gordon Ramsey his Hell's Kitchen was being pre-empted by the American past-time !!!