NCAA Basketball: No.1 Ranked High School Recruit Still Ineligible

Matt SmithSenior Analyst IJune 4, 2008

With the end of the 2008 school year winding down, there is still some uncertainty on the No. 1 ranked high school player, Brandon Jennings.

Apparently, the NCAA has still not cleared Jennings to be eligible to play college basketball.

Jennings—a 6’1” point guard out of Oak Hill Academy—has committed to Arizona for his college career. However, he has yet to be cleared to play for the Wildcats, due to his standardized testing scores. 

On his first try, Jennings did not meet the necessary score to become eligible—but since, has retaken the test and scored the necessary grade needed to become a college player.

The only problem—the NCAA is making him take the test again—to legitimize his score.  Jennings will have two more times to legitimize his score, but with the fickle nature of standardized testing, it may be tough for him to score high enough once more.

If Jennings can’t legitimize his score he may be held out of college and have to go to a junior college for his first year out of high school.

Jennings’ case may put a new spin on the "one-and-done" rule. He may be the pioneer of the "none-and-done" rule.

Let’s all hope Jennings can show that his test scores were legit so we can all see an outstanding talent—even if it is only for one year—get his chance to show what he can do on the college level.