Fighter Shows Off Sweet Breakdancing Skills...After Being Knocked Out

Steven RondinaFeatured ColumnistAugust 12, 2017

Chris "Huggy Bear" Barnett is one of the biggest stars of South Korea's Road FC...and it's not just because of his in-cage scrappiness.

The 315-pounder suffered a vicious knockout loss at the hands of Myung Hyun-man at Road FC 41 on Friday night, flopping to the canvas after eating a huge right hand, but still managed to win over many fans with his showing.

How did he pull that off? By busting some moves in the center of the cage after the reading of the official decision. Check it out up top.

While Barnett is actually in a bit of a slump, with a 2-4 record over the last two years, the super heavyweight's brand is at an all-time high after a series of feature fights on the Asian MMA circuit. Look for him to try to bounce back this December with a promotion like Rizin or One Championship.